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Vegan Hot Dogs – The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Brands 2021

Vegan Hot Dogs – The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Brands 2021

Vegan Hot Dogs

Many vegans search the internet “where to buy vegan hot dogs?” There are many places where you can buy the best vegan hot dogs, however, not all brands and products available are 100% vegan, which means they contain animal-based ingredients. A vegan hot dog has a casing made of plant-based ingredients, often including cellulose. Most brands that produce vegan hot dogs have filling based on pea protein, soy protein, or wheat gluten. 

Many people think that plant-based ingredients in hot dogs are not nutritious and healthy. However, this is not always true. Some vegan hot dogs are not only healthy but also very nutritious because the ingredients contain natural vitamins and antioxidants.

Morningstar Farms Classic Frozen Veggie Dogs

Morningstar Farms Classic is one of the best vegetarian hot dog brands available. It is an amazing and delicious plant-based hot dog and a meat-free addition to your vegetarian diet. Not only is it plant-based (contains eggs), but also delicious.


Water, wheat gluten, corn syrup solids. Contains 2% or less of methylcellulose, dextrose, salt, egg whites, natural flavors, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (corn protein, soy protein), hydrolyzed corn protein, soy protein isolate, carrageenan, mustard flour, onion powder, maltodextrin, spices, xanthan gum, hydrolyzed soy protein, autolyzed yeast, paprika, garlic powder, soybeans, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, hydrolyzed torula, and brewers yeast, wheat, gum arabic, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (corn gluten, soy protein, wheat gluten), soybean oil, thiamin hydrochloride, paprika extract for color, autolyzed yeast extract, lactic acid, nonfat milk, red 40, sunflower oil, citric acid, blue 1.

Tofurky Beer Brats Original Sausage

Tofurky Beer Brats are another hotdog product on the market. It is made of mostly natural ingredients, such as tofu, and contains calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, organic soybeans, and water, as well as onions, garlic, etc. Tofurky Beer Brats is a game-changer for vegans because they allow you to grill up a delicious meat-free alternative, which is not only healthy but also cruelty-free. So, you can enjoy the mouthwatering taste of these Brats while meeting your vegan requirements. 


Water, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed canola oil, organic tofu (water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride), onions, soy flour and/or concentrate, amber ale (water, malted barley, hops, yeast), contains less than 2% of sea salt, cane sugar, spices, dehydrated onion, granulated garlic, garlic puree, carrageenan, dextrose, konjac, potassium chloride. CONTAINS: SOY, WHEAT

Upton’s Naturals Updog Vegan Hot Dogs

Upton’s Naturals is a vegan hotdog brand based in Chicago. The primary ingredient of Upton’s Naturals is wheat-gluten, yellow mustard seed, onion powder, and other plant-based seasonings. It is 100% pure and vegan and has an amazing texture and taste of street food. 

The unique curing process and algae-based coating are two factors that make this one of the best vegans hotdogs on the market. Moreover, it is plant-based, non-GMO certified, and full of essential nutrients, such as iron and potassium. 


Water, vital wheat gluten, canola oil, wheat flour, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, paprika, onion, potassium chloride, spices, garlic, calcium alginate, natural hickory smoke concentrate, ground mustard, konjac, ground celery seed. Contains: Wheat.

Viana Smoked Veggie Frankfurters

Viana Smoked Veggie Frankfurters are one of the best vegan hotdogs brands in the U.S. Many vegans consider it the ideal grill sausage. So, when you ask “where to buy vegan hotdogs,” our recommendation is to go for Viana Smoked Frankfurters. 

It contains tofu and wheat protein, has an awesome taste, and a delicious aroma. All ingredients are plant-based, such as wheat protein, raw cane sugar, herbs, garlic, celeriac, almond flour, bell pepper flakes, and sunflower oil. 


Tofu* (soybeans*, water, nigari) water, wheat protein*, sunflower oil*, bell pepper*, tomato paste*, sea salt, spices*, bell pepper flakes*, raw cane sugar*, onions*, celeriac*, herbs*, garlic*, locust bean gum*, almond flour* * certified organic 

Field Roast Frankfurters

Field Roast Frankfurters” is another one of the best vegan brands on the market, which produces hotdogs made of 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Fresh onions, garlic, and a traditional blend of spices make it one of the tastiest hotdogs. 

The product is gluten-free, GMO-free, and super easy to be consumed by people of all ages. Not only is this product delicious, but it also has a chewy hotdog texture. So, if you are looking to enjoy your day, don’t forget to include these spiced up hotdogs to your vegan meals. 


Filtered water, vital wheat gluten, expeller pressed safflower oil, organic expeller-pressed palm fruit oil, barley malt, naturally flavored yeast extract, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, paprika, sea salt, onions, spices, whole wheat flour, garlic, natural liquid smoke, caraway, celery seed, ground yellow mustard, paprika oleoresin.

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