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Is Tom Brady A Vegan? A Vegetarian? 2021

Is Tom Brady A Vegan? A Vegetarian? 2021

Is Tom Brady vegan? To keep up their health and appearances, many speculate that the couple might be utilizing a strict diet of sorts, perhaps veganism.

Is Tom Brady A Vegan?

Is Tom Brady A Vegan?

Arguably the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after a historic 20-year stint with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady has transcended the status of just an NFL quarterback into a fully certified celebrity.

He and his Brazilian former model wife, Gisele Bundchen are often in the public eye, with many people wondering how the two maintain their healthy physiques among their very busy lives.

To keep up their health and appearances, many speculate that the couple might be utilizing a strict diet of sorts, perhaps veganism.

Is Tom Brady Vegan?

So, is Tom Brady vegan? Well, not quite. While Brady does maintain a plant-based diet for the majority of the year, his line of work requires a heavy intake of protein, making his form of plant-based diet more restrictive than that of most vegans or vegetarians.

After meeting Bundchen in 2006, the couple married in 2009. Bundchen was already a big environmentalist in her own right as she grew up in a country with large-scale rainforest deforestation, Brazil.

She hoped to deliver some type of environmental impact to offset the damaging effects of environmentally friendly actions of the world. Since the production of livestock leaves a much bigger environmental footprint than crop growth, the adoption of a vegan diet is widely regarded as a major contributor to reducing the necessity for massive livestock raising efforts. 

While there are some limitations on Brady’s diet in terms of full veganism, he and Gisele do take their dietary consumption seriously, leading them to raise their children on such diets too.

Brady admitted to struggling with the adjustment to the diet himself, initially. Gisele explained that the diet was a very different thing for Tom at the start, but he has grown to love it, especially since it has made him feel better and, as per his own admission, helped him stay in his best shape. 

Personal Chef

To help them stay on the right path with their meals, the family has a personal chef, Allen Campbell. In an interview with Boston magazine, Campbell noted that 80% of what the family consumes is made from fresh vegetables, including millet, beans, quinoa, and even brown rice.

He does not use anything that is not organic. The other 20% is animal products. Mostly he cooks salmon for fish, but also lean meats including chicken, grass-fed steak, and occasionally, duck.

He also notes that for the family’s snacks he makes fruit rolls from fresh bananas, and pineapple, the rare fruits permitted in the home. He also notes that he uses dehydrated spirulina, a superfood (though technically, it is an algae).

He has three dehydrators in the kitchen as he utilized them to dehydrate a lot of the items he prepares for the family. 

What Foods Are Not Welcome In The Home?

There is a long list of items that are not permitted to enter the home. This includes white flour, white sugar, certain oil types, nightshades, ionized salts, caffeine, mushrooms, coffee, MSG, dairy, and, perhaps most surprisingly, most fruits. 

Bundchen and Brady are not shy about their dietary choices, often promoting portions of their meal on social media as well as photos of their workout regimens.

Doubtlessly, their choice of diet is not for everyone and would be tough to follow for many. However, it does work for them, even if their claims about their diet are not necessarily fully backed by scientific studies. 


So Tom Brady is not a vegan in the strictest sense of the word, but he has certainly adopted a diet that is close to that classification.

The consumption of lean meats and fish disqualifies him from either the strict vegan or vegetarian category, but he consumes far less of those meats than an average American, and noting his athletic prowess and football longevity, he has certainly shown that this diet is quite effective. 

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